Did not miss the opportunity

Last week, I went to Upstate New York for a funeral of a wonderful caring man that I adored Ralph . Ralph loves his Yankees , Giants , and NASCAR.

After the funeral , I needed to clear my head with how you may ask ? Pictures of course

I drove to a small town named Fort Edward and drove up a road named Durkeetown. I call this part God’s Country. Open lands and farms and even a small church that sits at the top of the mountain. Durkeetown Baptist Church. After a few pictures , the sun started to set as I was driving down the road , I decided to stop at a farm to get permission to take pictures. The cows were awesome.

I was still looking for something different to post on my Instagram besides a normal looking sunset. I wanted a sunset with a WOW.

That was when I noticed what I was looking for on top of the hill sat a yellow plane with the sun setting behind it. At first , I did not want to stop. Pulled over and walked up the long drive where I met a young gentleman who was very grateful to let me take pictures of this plane as he gave me the history .

The plane is a 1941 Cub Piper. Yellow and Jacob positioned the plane for me and opened the windows, I too was grateful to have stopped. I thanked Jacob , next morning I sent him copies of my pictures I took and thanked him .

The opportunity is usually the one time when you don’t feel like stopping to ask.

I’m glad that I had


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