What a view ! Gorgeous calm and peaceful. The day I took this picture was a sunny day , the day after a snowstorm. Tyler State Park a friend drove to Tyler Park to show me the covered bridge a beautiful sunny afternoon day. Parked in the back of the park and a little ways up the path was a gorgeous covered bridge. As I kept on clicking my camera , I decided to see what it would be like to capture a moment of the snowy path. When I arrived home and looked through the pictures. Was many of my favorite pictures. The picture describes a Christmas card or a adventure on a horse drawn carriage on a snowy path. This picture has many descriptions for a path. He will make your paths straight.

As I say, this is a scene that holds a story. Thank you to my friend for showing me this cabin for I would not have captured this precious beauty

What a awesome picture !

Enjoying this moment outside taking pictures. I noticed the two Eagles in the tree and when I turned the Eagle flew over to his lovely wife. And then the kiss. Ahem should I say beaking. As I was capturing this moment , many thoughts came to mind. I felt as if I was the minister at their wedding saying ” you now may kiss the bride ! ” . My favorite passages in thee bible is about Strength. My eyes are focused on my Lord through my trials and with chronic pain. There are many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. Yes the happy go lucky woman me. Who has many left over moments at home. Where does your strength come from ?

The joy and experiencing the wonders of the world. How everything in a toddlers eyes become a fascination. This was a great day. My grandson became a big brother to a baby. Yes that is what he calls his little brother. I drove the 2.5!hours the night before to help anyway I could. Which I was glad. My so. Was able to be there for his wife and also experience too the joys of the world. When I arrived at the hospital with my grandson all he wanted was his mommy. With a little backpack on his back he followed his father until he saw his mother. No he heard the cry of a new baby. What’s this? He was totally in awe wanting to touch his face giving him hugs and kisses. He wanted to hold the baby so bad. His father sits down picks up his son and holding his new son in his arms, as I and my daughter in law snapped pictures. The look is priceless, When it was time to put the new baby back. He did not want to let go of baby. This was the moment he looked up to his father as if to say “can I take him home with me”?


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