Put your mind to it….

My greatest hobby I decided to do is photography. I would go around taking pictures of the water and tree in the park or of my cat. After bumping into other photographers and asking them what there importance is either birds , landscape or portraits. I wanted to do this also. Trial and error and studying photographs. I decide to put this to the test . When I say , I am going to photograph a falcon . You betcha I will capture a photo of the Falcon. I had heard where they were nesting in the Turnpike Bridge in Bristol,Pa. standing across the street with a scope stood an elderly gentleman. I befriended him as I found out he studies the Peregrine Falcons

I learned allot from talking to Mickey . lol and behold there was the falcon just sitting far enough as to where I can zoom in. So excited as I am highly afraid of birds. Hahahahaha it’s funny, the birds pop out everywhere.

Please put your mind to why your goal is in life


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