Learning Something New

I am in process of getting my certifications in IT. Also learning how to CODE. I started with purchasing a couple of books about reading code. I also have joined codecademy to help with learning.  as for the IT i have bought a couple of refurbished computers to take apart and put back together again and over again. 

i am leaning so much at a rapid pace it as been a rough start because of lack of time but i should be getting my first certification early 2019

if you are interested in everything that i am doing to get my certs please ask in the comments and i will do my best to get back to you.

So far the best thing that I have learned and basically I have always new this for most of my life the best way to learn something is to actually do it. Right now I am working on a couple coding projects that I will probably show when completed.

I will be putting in links for all books that I have read also I will be talking about coding languages that I think will be the best to learn. I am not a expert I will never claim to be an expert I am only giving my opinion with everything that I say.

It’s been a while since I started learning everything that I have mentioned.

I am getting closer to taking my certifications tests.  Also I did start writing some progarms. Mostly small stuff for now.  But every day is something new. 

This is starting to make me happy 😊
Who ever thought that I would be trying to better myself in my late 30’s
OMG. Thats right My birthday is around the corner. 

Hope to get back to this blog sooner than later..  Till then have a great day and remember to keep learning


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