A Man Down on his Luck

So a man (James) is very down on his luck. He recently lost his job got a divorce and received some bad news. He found out he was diagnosed with cancer.

Down to his last $150.25 james hears about a super lottery with a insanely big winning but costs 50.00 to enter. He figures that he should at least take a chance. You are probably already thinking what happens and your probably right .. he wins when he finds out how much he wins after taxes he faints. He will be bringing home 4,250,000,000.00 dollars..
I know insane right..

Since james really doesn’t have family and no one to share it with he would be set for the little bit of time he has left.

James has a very good knowledge of business and starts investing in small companies and does very well.
He turns the 100,000,000.00 that he invests into another 50,000,000,000.00 dollars. Every is finally going his way till bad news arrives.  James’s cancer is turning for the worst.  The doctors are saying he has about 1 year left to live a very free life with very little restrictions besides the ones from cancer.

Now a lot of people don’t know that James has a heart of gold and a soft spot for foundations. such as greenpeace and other animal rights organizations.

So he starts to write a will with giving his fortune to these organizations.

Only thing the word get out to these foundations and believe it or not they are money hungry a motto of greed.
Things get interesting.  This is when james starts to notice odd thing like being followed for no reason.Like being followed and watched for no reason.

There will be more to come i’m not done just yet…


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