Living in a Snowglobe

by AJ

One night when I was skydiving over an ocean, I was looking for

something to land on, but then I saw a humongeous snowglobe 

floating on the water. I went full speed at the snowglobe and 

crashed right through the glass leaving a human shaped hole

in the glass.

When I crashed through the glass, I landed on a penguin wearing

a suit and tie. “Hey what did you do that for ? ” asked the

penguin in a small squeaky voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there, have a fish “, I replied as I 

tossed a fish into the air. The penguin leaped in the air and 

caught the fish in his mouth.

“Thank you for the dinner !” he said through a mouthful of fish.

I started to walk off and found a street covered in ice. The houses were ice, so were the trees, people, and their pets.

I slid down the icy road extremely fast. On the end of the road was an

igloo the size of a mansion ! Outside the igloo was a sign that read,

“free igloo, take down this sign if you claim this igloo “. I decided 

to take down the icy sign and claimed the igloo as my own. I was

about to go inside when four-hundred-ninety-six rainbows streaked

past my head. Out of the corner of my eye  I saw a unicorn adoption

center. I headed for the unicorns and found an obese unicorn flying

above my head. Then something knocked the unicorn out of the sky,and he quickly fell out of the sky and landed in my arms. I decided 

to adopt him and call him Fatty. Later Fatty started to get hungry, so we looked for a restaurant to eat at, but then Fatty flew right to a 

Pizza Hut with me on his back. Fatty crashed through the window with 

glass shards going everywhere. At the register was a snowman made of 

cheese. “Hi welcome to Pizza Hut , here we serve free pizza !” the lady

said , I then placed my order and Fatty and I had free pizza while watching the sloth racing on TV !

When we got back to our street there was a gigantic pile of snow that lead to the top of the snowglobe. Just then something fell out

 of the sky. It was wearing big black boots , a red and white hat, and a

red and white suit. The man fell into a huge pile of snow and got right

back up. ” Hello it’s me Santa Claus, the one who gives toys .” 

Santa said , ” I dare you to climb up to the top of the pile of , snow and jump off . ” A few minutes later, I was at the top of the pile of snow 

“Ok ready,” said Santa holding a video camera , “3 , 2 , 1 Go !” 

As he said go , I jumped off the snow and into the air and landed in a huge pile of snow above me I could hear muffled laughter from Santa. 

In the snow park I built a snowman with a magic hat placed on his head. “Happy Birthday !” said the snowman . 

“Hey, I fun idea we could do, we should go ice skating on the thin ice skating rink.”

“Hello, I’m Fred, I kind of overheard what you were saying and I kind of want to join in too, ” said a large goldfish. “Sure you can join,” I said , and the goldfish did a happy dance, and we all walked to the thin ice skating rink. At the rink, Frosty the snowman , Fred, Fatty and I

started skating , until Frosty pointed out that the ice was breaking. Then the ice completely broke, and we all fell into a pool of water.

We all were very hungry, so Fred led us to Gingerbread Road, and we all ate the gingerbread houses. After we were done, I saw Fatty eating

something that was moving , but then a little gingerbread man poked his head out and shouted. “Help me ! I’m being eaten alive !

“Fatty, drop it boy, drop it. ” I said ; so Fatty spat it out , and the gingerbread man ran up to me and thanked me for saving him, and he

ran off . We were all satisfied and we started walking off until little

gingerbread cars drove in front of us, and popped the gingerbread

police. “Put your hands up. ” said the chief officer. ” Why did you eat their houses ?”

“We were really hungry and we ate their houses but we can rebuild their houses and build them gingerbread mansions !

The officer stood there thinking about it. “I guess I can allow it once. ” So we all got to building the mansions and after a few hours we finished !

Living in a snowglobe is very fun, a new person comes in every day

and there is always something to do inside of a snowglobe.


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