Starting photography

I started with photography a while ago just for my own pleasure at first.

I always had a eye for a good snap. it started with the food i cooked for myself witch actually got a lot of feedback on Instagram. then it was that i was always snapping everywhere i went. the best were my outings and camping trips. I was kind of extreme sports not so there was tons of photos.

Now with saying all of that i really wish i still had all of my old equipment unfortunately it was all stolen from me this was a down point of my life.

Since then i have not cared about taking photos for a very long time maybe way to long. i had several opportunities in my life where if i still snapped it would of worked in my favor.

i’m choosing to get back into photography for me. it started when my wife bought me a camera for no real reason i think it was because of all the stores i had.

started buying more gear and trying to get back out there just snapping i will be shearing my favs on my blog Snapz365.

taking classes and always learning form other are improving my shots…


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